Candles, Cardigans, Cleaning Products - Socks, Stationary, Smoked Salmon - Mugs, Musical Instruments, Mayonnaise - Furniture, Food, Flowers -  Jewelry, Jugs, Juice - Pottery, Pears, Potatoes - whatever you’re looking for we’ll help you find the business that makes it responsibly.  The quality, variety, artistry and deliciousness of Irish made food, drink, arts and crafts is world renowned and our businesses are going one step further by maintaining these standards in an environmentally conscious and responsible way.

Whether shopping for yourself or others, by choosing to buy from local independent producers you are making a contribution to the local economy and community and giving artists and crafts people a boost and encouraging them to keep doing what they do. Plus you go home with something different, unique and special to your visit here.

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Kinvara Farmers' Market has been up and running successfully since 1st May 09 in the beautiful walled garden behind Johnston's Hall, Main Street, Kinvara. Since May 2012 the market takes place in the Square, as usual every Friday from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm and there are on average, 20/25 stalls each week selling produce such as Fresh Fish like lobster, mussels, crab claws, clams, hake, cod etc., fresh free range Duck and Hens Eggs. Cheese from the world class, prize-winning producers of St. Tola in Inagh, Co. Clare as well as a range of Irish produced farmhouse cheeses. Organic Seasonal Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Fruit in season such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries etc., Flowers for your table, Plants for your garden. Assorted Tea Leaves, delicious, home-baked Organic Breads, Soda Bread and Cakes, Pickles, Preserves and other potted food delights, Jams, Honey, Pestos. Olives, Sundried tomatos, Olive Oils, Bagels, Teas, Coffees, Soup, Lunches and Snacks, and Hot German Sausages. The market also offers work from skilled Artisans including Paintings, Woollen Jumpers, Jewellery, Soap and Body Lotions, Fairy Dolls, Wood Work, Creative Book Binding and Pottery

A very special feature of the market is that every week excellent local musicians Johnny Moynihan, Frank Hall, John Martin and friends come to play and entertain visitors and stallholders alike, singing songs and playing wonderful, varied, lively music from around the world. 

The market offers great value for your money and is where you can shop, meet your friends, eat lunch at the picnic tables, listen to the music that will warm your soul in a sweet and joyful way, and where the smell and taste of the good food will lift your spirits for the rest of your week. So..... see you at the Market!
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