Candles, Cardigans, Cleaning Products - Socks, Stationary, Smoked Salmon - Mugs, Musical Instruments, Mayonnaise - Furniture, Food, Flowers -  Jewelry, Jugs, Juice - Pottery, Pears, Potatoes - whatever you’re looking for we’ll help you find the business that makes it responsibly.  The quality, variety, artistry and deliciousness of Irish made food, drink, arts and crafts is world renowned and our businesses are going one step further by maintaining these standards in an environmentally conscious and responsible way.

Whether shopping for yourself or others, by choosing to buy from local independent producers you are making a contribution to the local economy and community and giving artists and crafts people a boost and encouraging them to keep doing what they do. Plus you go home with something different, unique and special to your visit here.


Farmgate Restaurant and Food Store

If there’s one thing Farmgate’s owner Máróg O’Brien possesses in abundance, it’s a passion for great food. As far back as twenty-odd years ago, when her lively café/restaurant first opened, she was leading the way in sourcing quality Irish produce and masterminding simple cooking techniques, to create this legendary gem of a place to eat. The town’s now famous gourmet reputation was no doubt helped along by her presence on the food scene. She’s still influencing, all these years later.

An old but spacious shed may not seem to be the ideal venue for a café and food store. But Máróg’s keen eye saw at once the potential to create a quirky and unique eating and shopping venue. Her Country Store, which sells Irish and European artisan foods and fine wines, now sits well in its utilitarian interior, which has double doors to the modern bistro style restaurant beyond. This is a rustic environment in which to display a wonderful selection of Irish and international produce, andof course the home made deli items made in house.  You can see the cooks at work in an open kitchen at the front entrance of the shop. At Farmgate, meet staff who are attentive and knowledgable in their jobs. Enthusiasm is part of the job description here, along with a keen and focussed interest in local.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, dinner is chic and sassy. Máróg loves traditional Irish cooking so Slow Roasts are popular on the menu. Simply cooked fresh fish from nearby Ballycotton is also a speciality. The centerpiece, day or night, is a dessert table laden with home baked tarts and cakes to sway even the most resistant diners. A cracking choice of wines from all the classic regions, including some half bottles, completes the feast  - and what a feast it is.

Emphasis is on quality, locally sourced ingredients and understated style. Farmgate's food store is one of the gems of Irish food shopping.
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