Candles, Cardigans, Cleaning Products - Socks, Stationary, Smoked Salmon - Mugs, Musical Instruments, Mayonnaise - Furniture, Food, Flowers -  Jewelry, Jugs, Juice - Pottery, Pears, Potatoes - whatever you’re looking for we’ll help you find the business that makes it responsibly.  The quality, variety, artistry and deliciousness of Irish made food, drink, arts and crafts is world renowned and our businesses are going one step further by maintaining these standards in an environmentally conscious and responsible way.

Whether shopping for yourself or others, by choosing to buy from local independent producers you are making a contribution to the local economy and community and giving artists and crafts people a boost and encouraging them to keep doing what they do. Plus you go home with something different, unique and special to your visit here.


Ballinwillin Farm Shop

The Farm Shop at Ballinwillin House in Mitchelstown Co. Cork, is situated in a farm outbuilding in the small courtyard,  to the side of this lovely Good Food Ireland Approved Provider Culinary Accommodation farmhouse.  The House and Farm is owned by Pat and Miriam Mulcahy. In the shop, expect to find Pat's fresh Kerry beef, lamb and free range pork from the rare breed herd reared here on the farm.  Venison is here also, with joints, cuts and salamis made from the meat of the Ballinwillin Herd of Hungarian Red Deer. Wild Boar is also a speciality. The boar roam freely at Ballinwillin. Their meat is used  in chunky sausages, fresh roasting joints and quicker cooking cuts. 

Ballinwillin's online shop focusses on the numerous venison and wild boar products. Find a complete list on the website.  Products can be delivered to Europe and the UK within 48 hours, and to Ireland in 24 hours if necessary , but usually 48 hours for normal orders. 

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