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Whether shopping for yourself or others, by choosing to buy from local independent producers you are making a contribution to the local economy and community and giving artists and crafts people a boost and encouraging them to keep doing what they do. Plus you go home with something different, unique and special to your visit here.


Cavistons Seafood Restaurant

The Caviston story begins in 1948,  when Peter's uncle James had a casual pint with Glasthule's then fishmonger. We don't know quite how many pints he had, but when he woke up the next morning, he found he'd bought the business for the equivalent of €300! Cavistons was born. Peter's father eventually inherited it. Now it's in the hands of the good man himself and what a tradition he is carrying on. Today, the small and vibrant seafood restaurant sits beside an impressive food hall, an emporium central to the fabric of life in Glasthule village. 

Caviston's Seafood Restaurant is intimate and chic. Furnished with  wooden tables and chairs and artefacts from Peter's travels.  Sea themed art adorns the walls. Oh, and the awards. There are quite a few of those. No wonder. A daily changing seafood only menu which sources daily from the freshest fish from Caviston's Food Emporium next door. Fish is delivered each morning from Dublin's best fish suppliers. Simple is the name of the game here.  Fish cooking skills are impeccable.  Presentation is down to earth with a bit of shi-shi thrown in.  Every mouthful looks and tastes alive with freshness - from the huge crab claws in garlic butter to seasonal mackerel and Irish white fish. Come here at lunch and eat with the residents of  Glasthule, mums with school age children, friends, business colleagues. Caviston's has the feel of a restaurant which truly serves its community.  A la Carte offerings plus good value two courses  running at lunch and Early Bird. Dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings takes on a sassy feel. Two sittings operate,  so book the later one if you want to make a night of it.  Whenever you go, hopefully Peter will be around to entertain you. He's the perfect host, who has been known to break into a song or two with a little encouragement. His larger than life personality precedes him!!  As a convivial host and connoisseur of great food and wine, Peter has certainly buiilt on and secured the gourmet reputation of this fabulous seafood restaurant
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