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Breakfast, Sunday Brunch, Family Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Sunday Dinner, Late Supper and Snacks in between – On the Rocks, Freshly Squeezed, Pulled, Poured, Shaken but not Stirred.  Some of the highlights of your trip will be the food and drink enjoyed - all the more so because it is sourced and produced in a responsible way.

All of our listed Cafes, Restaurants, Farmers Markets, Bars and Pubs actively implement environmental policies that include good practice to minimise food waste and very importantly source local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. Some go a step further and work with local groups and schools to encourage healthy eating and teach cooking skills.

Choosing green tastes so good! Wherever you go ask whoever is serving you food - where does it come from? In Ireland this is known as the "Just Ask" practice promoted by Bord Bia (Irish Food Board) to encourage customers to find out the provenance of the foods they eat and to encourage restaurants, etc, to use Irish provenance food and beverages.

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We at the Talbot Hotel Wexford are committed to helping the environment as much as possible and encourage our Guests & Customers to contribute and ideas that they feel will help benefit our surroundings. Since achieving the Silver Standard our carbon footprint has been reduced substantially yet our service has been in no way effected if not people appreciate the fact that we are committed to making a difference. We have achieved a lot over the past year and with your support we can do much more, at present we are concentrating on our Energy consumption and working on reducing it, we are also looking at changing our suppliers, any suggestions are welcome.
Proud of our Heritage, Conscious of our Past, Committed to our future, The Talbot Hotel remains focused on reducing our Carbon footprint.
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