Candles, Cardigans, Cleaning Products - Socks, Stationary, Smoked Salmon - Mugs, Musical Instruments, Mayonnaise - Furniture, Food, Flowers -  Jewelry, Jugs, Juice - Pottery, Pears, Potatoes - whatever you’re looking for we’ll help you find the business that makes it responsibly.  The quality, variety, artistry and deliciousness of Irish made food, drink, arts and crafts is world renowned and our businesses are going one step further by maintaining these standards in an environmentally conscious and responsible way.

Whether shopping for yourself or others, by choosing to buy from local independent producers you are making a contribution to the local economy and community and giving artists and crafts people a boost and encouraging them to keep doing what they do. Plus you go home with something different, unique and special to your visit here.


Ferdinand Vandaele and Helena Hemeryck  live in a delightful rural area in County Dublin.  Their lives are entwined around chocolate.  At Chez Emily, they make pure magic from the beans of the cocoa pod. Ferdinand learned his trade beside some of the master Chocolatiers of Belgium – a spare time job which has turned into a life long love. 

Chez Emily incorporates a lovely shop and cafe - both serving chocolates made in the separate production kitchen, all at the home of Ferdinand and Helena. Light flooded and chic, the cafe is  a lovely place to sit and relax after browsing all the shelves of chocolate creations. Ariosa Coffee hand roasted in nearby Ashbourne is served alongside a range of teas and soft drinks. Marry your choice with a pick from the counter, loaded with trays of hand made chocolates. You always get a complimentary one with your coffee, but our guess is you may want more! In the chill cabinet there’s a choice of cakes and pastries too, some made in house and others sourced from small producers in the area.  The home made tray bakes are to die for – Rocky Road, Sticky Fingers and Honeycomb among them.  Enjoy some of Ferdinand’s own choux pastry chocolate Profiteroles or a little Banoffie pie, and in the summer, seasonal fresh strawberry or raspberry tarts with berries from an enthusiastic grower neighbour. 

The café also has a packing counter, and you will quite often see Helena or one of the staff hand packing presentation boxes of chocolates for an order,  or for café customers while they enjoy their coffee.  This café is a good spot to take it all in and learn a little about one of the finer foods of life. Plenty of parking here means lots of time to talk to the chocolatier and his wife while enjoying a heavenly sweet bite - . the fruits of handmade labour and commitment to creating the best. 

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